Workplace Investigations

We are Experienced Investigators and Trainers

We have professional experience and expertise in both workplace and criminal investigations. We pride ourselves in conducting impartial and unbiased investigations in which our people have extensive knowledge of the law and investigative skills including: interviewing of witnesses; statement taking; intelligence gathering; compiling briefs of evidence; conducting desktop investigations and providing recommendations based on all available evidence.

We conduct our investigations according to procedural fairness principles and take a person-centred approach in the ways in which we engage with witnesses, bystanders, management and various stakeholders to mitigate re-victimising of targets or complainants, and aid in fair and equitable outcomes.

Incident Root Cause Analysis Methodology (ICAM) Investigations in Critical Events

We Are ICAM Trained

The basis of ICAM investigations asks what is responsible, not who is responsible – as is often the case with workplace conduct investigations. Our people are trained in the ‘Swiss Cheese’ model in the investigation of workplace events which gains a better understanding of organisational factors and better-informed corrective actions to support continuous improvement. We work with our client and stakeholders to maintain a person-centred approach in all our investigations. We take a deep dive into organisational factors, examine environmental conditions, articulate individual and team actions and review absent or failed defences to inform preventative and corrective actions. The ICAM model of investigation can be used to help create a workplace where it is possible to work safely – including both physical and psychological safety.

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