Meet our Key People

Dr Jacinta Buchbach

Head of Leadership Development: Respect at Work, Diversity and Inclusion

Meet Dr Jacinta Buchbach

Head of Leadership Development:
Respect At Work, Diversity and Inclusion

Respect At Work Ambassador, Anti-Sexual/Sex Harassment, Bullying Advocate/Facilitator, Mining, Resources Sector, Law Enforcement, Government, Executive Leadership, Speaker, International Presenter, Author.

Jacinta’s felt experience and broad exposure to challenging negative workplace behaviours in her careers in law enforcement, the mining industry and investigation of health workplaces has shaped her as a leading ambassador and facilitator of Respect at Work behaviours. Why? Because as what is fundamentally expected of leaders, she has the ability to recognise negative workplace behaviour AND possesses the courage and integrity to act and speak up against it to drive change through the lens of relatability and storytelling.

Jacinta is an authentic leader who is highly skilled, qualified, motivated and passionate in driving Respect at Work behaviours and strategies to empower leaders in creating better workplaces, resilience and wellbeing. She was a highly decorated police officer, has professional experience in national law enforcement and workplace investigative roles; a mining continuous improvement, safety and commercial professional; and diversity and inclusion lead in law enforcement and remote mining operations. She is an experienced investigator across criminal, HR workplace investigations and Incident Root Cause Analysis Methodology in mining (ICAM).


PhD Law – Employment, social media, business, policy, corporate social responsibility, personal and work boundaries

Bachelor of Laws (First Class Honors)

Bachelor of Arts – Justice Studies

Diploma in Policing

Bystander Intervention Train the Trainer

Management Development Programs

Inspector Workplace Conduct Investigations (Health)

Incident Root Cause Analysis Methodology (ICAM) (Mining)

Professional Achievements:

Qld Police Valour Award

Commissioner’s Award Equity and Diversity

Australiasian Women in Policing Equity and Diversity

QUT Faculty of Law Dean’s Research Scholar Award

International Internet Conference presenter

International Peer Reviewed Law Journal Co-Author